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[Career Development] “Samsung Biologics/Celltrion Employment Seminar.”
19/08/26 18:10 | 학생지원팀 | 조회 1002 | 댓글 0

We want to announce that  Global Campus (GUGC/GMU/SUNY/UTAH) students are cordially invited to “Samsung Biologics/Celltrion Employment Seminar.”

Career Support welcomes students to satisfying their curiosity regarding employment in this event


Global Campus (GUGC/GMU/SUNY/UTAH) "Samsung Biologics/Celltrion Employment Seminar"


  •    Date : 6th SEP (Fri) 13:00pm – 14:30 pm 

  •    Venue: Incheon National University (Small Theater) / 119, Academy-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

  •    Program detail :

   -    13:00pm  - 13:40pm  : Employment Seminar (1)  (Samsung Biologics)

   -    13:40pm -  14:20pm  : Employment Seminar (2)  (Celltrion)

   -    14:20pm – 14:30pm :  Closing

  •    How to apply: Please send the email (Koeun.Park@ghent.ac.kr) with the filled form [Please fill out the form below]

  •    Application deadline: 26th August (Mon) (please keep the deadline –transportation rental needed)

  •    Transportation: For your convenience, GUGC happily provides you with the transportation service (Bus).

** Application form: please fill in the blank (please do not attach the file but paste the form into email)

1.    Name:

2.    Please state BA & your major (if applicable) :

3.    Contact information (GUGC email & cell phone) :